A Brand New Blog

For sometime I have been wanting to say goodbye to blogger. Mainly to having to constantly change the html to resize the photos. Blech. Plus I wanted to pop up a little faster on the search engines. Now it has arrived, minus a few finishing touches. Please now follow my blog at www.feyphotographyblog.com


May Day and What's Been Happening

It is May first, to celebrate I went out to the yard and took pictures of whatever was blooming.

The other great thing about the beginning of May that my birthday falls in the first week. My first present this year was a new pair of sandals. I bought a pair of Clark's Privo sandals two years ago and fell in love. They are absolutely the best shoe to shoot photos in. After two seasons, the soles were a bit worn, so I asked for a new pair this year.


I shot a wedding for 12 hours in them yesterday and my feet/knees/legs didn't hurt a bit. And that was the first time I wore them- no breaking in. LOVE THEM.

In Nora news, she turned 6 months at the end of April and we need to go do photos. She is sitting up all on her own, on a set schedule, and I am finally getting some decent sleep. Hooray.


Baby Layla: 1 year

Last year, my good friends Amy & Mike were blessed with a baby girl. After Layla's 4 month check up the only concern was that Layla was on the small side. 24 hours later Layla was being rushed to the hospital after having two seizures. Seizures in newborns range from some very benign reasons to very serious ones. In Layla's case, the cause was very serious. She was diagnosed with lissencephaly. Lissencephaly is a very rare neurological disease in which there is no cure and the cause is very vague. It may have been a viral infection during Amy's pregnancy that caused it or it could be genetics. Because the disease is so rare, doctors haven't been able to tell Amy & Mike much or give them statistics of the likelihood of having another child with the disease. At 13 months, Layla is thriving and exceeding predictions of the limitations with this disease. I am constantly amazed at the strength that Amy & Mike have and feel very fortunate to have such a great friendship with them.

To read more about Layla please visit her facebook page, I'm praying for baby Layla Jane. Also if you are a mother in the Fort Wayne area with a child with a similar disease or that has special needs and want to be part of a "mommy group" please post some contact info for Amy on Layla's facebook page. Amy has been my "go-to" person for all my new mom craziness and it is great to be able to meet up with her and Layla for coffee and walks. I know it would be great if she had a group of moms locally she could relate with.


Super Moon

Of course I managed to forget to go outside when the super moon was at its full glory. All I got was the 11:00 "looks like a normal moon" stage.


Senior Photos

Over the summer, one of my friend's nephews was in town, so we did an impromptu senior session. I never blogged it because I was having a hard enough time keeping on work. Which ends up working out well because winter is a slow time for photo work. I can keep posting photos of Nora but eventually you might get tired of her cuteness. Plus this kid has some killer eyes.


Cousins: 4 months

Even though today has totally kicked my butt, I am keeping to the commitment to blog more often. Here are Nora and Harper's 4 month picture together. In exactly 1 month we will be doing 6 month photos. Gah!

While the first photos is cute, the second is pretty much the relationship between the two of them. Nora is trying to love on Harper and he isn't having it.


For Fun, For Myself

After I graduated from college, I don't think I picked up a camera for 2 years. I was burnt out. While I loved that I attended an art college, constant critiques were very hard on your self esteem. Sometimes you would rock it and sometimes you didn't. There is nothing like showing up for class when you know that you don't have a good body of work and then have to listen for a half hour on why it sucks. Well, skip ahead a few years and I am so happy I picked back up my camera to make a career out of it. A while ago, I was feeling the urge to create a series of work that had a thesis and was more fine art related. What my subject/theme was going to be, was undecided. I just knew I had an itch I needed to scratch.

While I have yet to finalize exactly what my thesis will be, I have nailed down a few concepts I wish to convey and a few people whose works give me inspiration. By the end of summer I hope to have a body of work to show you.

Even though this isn't a photo that is part of my new project, it is something else that I have worked on lately and felt like sharing.